Year end gathering 2020 - Board Games and Pizza Party (more pictures)

Cristine's and Zichao's graduation (more pictures)

Commencement of the new academic year! Farewell to visitors and welcome new students.

Group gathering to welcome new visiting members!

Farewell dinner to Dr. Zubair Ahmed. (9th June 2019)

Group reunion and new year celebration. (Jan. 29th 2019)

Part of our board game collections ~

Board gaming of the group (Nov. 25th, 2018)

Farewell dinner for Mr. Raphaël Prentki. Welcome dinner for Dr. Qi Wang.

Room Escape at FreeingHK in Causeway Bay (Aug. 23th 2018)

Room Escape at FreeingHK in Causeway Bay (Aug. 23th 2018)

Farewell party for Dr. Suwen Li at Tikitiki Bowling bar 

Graduation party for Dr. Xintong Zhang ( June 21, 2018)

Welcome hiking to NGONG PING for Mr. Raphaël Prentki (Apr. 14th 2018)

Group photo took in December 2017

Professor Chan won the EDS Education Award (Dec 5th 2017)

Professor Chan gives a talk on wining the EDS Education Award

Graduation ceremony of Dr. Suwen Li(November 2017)

Wecome Party for Xiao Ying and Wei-Chih. (November 2017)

Dr. Weijing Wu and Dr. Yanghui Liu farewell party. (August 2017)

Graduation dinner from Panni and Dr. Suwen Li. (August 2017)

Group gathering to celebrate Sun Yin and Zhu Ying’s MPhil graduation. (September 2015)

Group goes for a hike to have a fresh restart in research. (February 2013)

Group enjoying fresh seafood in Sai Kung. (January 2013)

Congratulating Mansun to become an IEEE Fellow. (November 2012)

Farewell dinner for Dr. Hao Wang. (October 2012)

Farewell dinner for Dr. Henry Kit-Chun KWONG. (August 2012)